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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finally, One Place to Find it All

   At last, a website that has just about anything you'll need from the start of your book, to beyond publishing it. How I wish this had been available when I began writing my first book, I would have been spared so much stress, aggravation, and hours upon hours of combing the web looking for the services I needed.
But it's here now, and I sincerely hope that you'll take advantage of the convenience of it!

General membership is free, and here are some of things you can do with that:
  • Get reviews for your book
  • Jump on the Blog Train and get your book in front of thousands of people, agree to be one of the bloggers and your entry is free!
  • Get social marketing by Authors' Cave for your 5 star ranked book
  • Free entry to Book of the Month Poll. The winner will get their book shown off on the front page of Authors' Cave website for a month
  • Easy access to dozens of articles put together by other members on everything from writing tips and proper punctuation, to marketing sites that work
  • Recommended service provider listings. Don't get ripped off! See who our members have used at reasonable prices for book covers, video book trailers, proofreaders, and editors
  • Automatic membership to the Book Review Depot discussion group on Facebook, and the Authors' Cave community on Google+
  • You can enter the Authors' Cave Annual Book of the Year Award Contest for a fee, and win some great prizes. See the next section for complete prizes that will be awarded.
There is also a Premium Membership level available, as well. Wow, the benefits on that are pretty long, but let me see if I can at least list most of them:
  • All benefits that are available to general members listed above, PLUS:
  • Read and review only 5 books instead of 6 to get your book on the Active List where 10 people will buy and review your book, then will post their reviews to Amazon at a minimum
  • Your own "wall" in the Gallery where you can post chapter excerpts, your own art, or anything else of interest to you
  • 5 star reviews of your book are promoted and shown off by Authors' Cave through various social media profiles and in the discussion groups and communities
  • Premium members' books will be featured on the scrolling book carousel, as well as the link to purchase them, on the Authors' Cave front page
  • Premium members can choose either one free beta read or express book review per annual membership
  • Discounts on contest entry, extra beta reads or express reviews, an error report run on your book, and more!
You can see a complete list on the website at

Here's my favorite - Premium member profiles.

How dang awesome is that!? This is your very own digital business card. This tells readers something about you, how to contact you, up to 8 of your published works, with each one linking to the location they can purchase them, a link to your website, blog, and Amazon Central Author page- or any other link you care to list! Across the bottom are all your social links. Be awarded badges like the blue one above for your accomplishments! The only thing you will ever need to tell anyone about you in one neat package! As a premium member, your name is put in the member directory and hyperlinked to your member profile as above. I absolutely love this feature! Readers can browse these profiles, too!

Here are just some of the badges you can get that will be placed across the top of your profile:
Where else can you get so much for such a relatively low entry fee? No place I know of. These prizes are great! The marketing benefits alone are well worth it.
  • $500.00 grand prize
  • A Nook or Kindle - your choice
  • 3 month subscription to Grammarly
  • An Author Showcase on you and your book, with widespread social media promotions of it
  • A one year placement of your winning book in a prime location on the website front page
  • A year on the Active List of books for sale on the site
  • Promotion by Authors' Cave through all their social media channels throughout the year, and to the Authors' Cave Book Club
  • A prime spot on the Blog Train that will be run for all contest winners
  • And a 2014 Book of the Year golden seal for your e-book cover.

The prizes for the top winner in each genre category are worth entering as well:
  • $100.00 cash prize
  • Free 3-month subscription to Grammarly™
  • A Blog Train tour featuring all top finalist winners
  • An Authors’ Showcase with widespread social media promotions
  • Listed for one year in a category on the Active List for 2014 Winning Books
  • Periodic promotion through Authors’ Cave social media channels and discussion groups throughout the year
  • A 2014 silver and gold Finalist seal placed on the e-Book cover

As you can see, there is much to do, and loads of information that will help you every step of the way as you write, edit, publish, and market your book. I encourage you to check out Authors' Cave. Memberships, both free and paid, are available. There are early bird savings for contest entries right now until August 22nd. Stop by and check it out. General membership is free!
**** Please Note: We are closed for membership. At members request we have decided to remain a smaller, closely focused group with our main focus being marketing. We still offer author services to the public if you are in need of any of those. You can view our services here:


  1. Great blog Chameleon! It have become such a special place to be! Guys, if you haven't heard of Authors' Cave, what are you waiting for?