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Friday, August 22, 2014

Book Review: Old Bony Blue Eyes by Lita Burke

Wizard Kadmeion’s magician-for-hire business has improved, plus the harpies and certain fey-folk flourish under his magical care. All is well until a dragon named Lady Betrayal summons him.
Kadmeion owes the dragon a favor. He agrees to fetch the book Dragon Lore and cast its spells for Betrayal. Career-enhancing magic fills the book. If Kadmeion acquires it, then his reputation will bring wealthier customers.
Dragon Lore has a deadly guardian. To help their quest, Kadmeion, Bright, and Furgo first enlist the help of Luck, who they discover is no lady. Then they must convince the bickering egos of War to give them a weapon. The last task is visiting Death’s library, where a wizard may check out the Dragon Lore and keep it until the end of his days.
The problem with visiting Death’s island is coming back alive.
A wizard may roll dice with Sir Death for a safe return passage or fight his way out. Even with Luck and War helping, Kadmeion might not succeed. Despite their cleverness, Death’s blue eyes might be the last thing the wizard and his friends ever see.
      This was a fun and entertaining read. It was my first book in the Genre of Clockpunk Fantasy, and I was really pleasantly surprised. There is strong character and world building here, and the subtle humor of some of the situations had me smiling often. I liked Bright, and I think I will equally enjoy the next book in this series, Glitter Ponies, where more of Bright's heritage and his own family ties will come into play. Wizard Kadmeion is a colorful character, but the author almost had me in tears when he looses something very dear to him.
       Lita Burke attention to detail will wrap you up in this story right away. It's very obvious that she is well versed in magic, as well as steampunk and clockpunk. Though this was Book 3 in the Clockpunk Wizard Series, it stood alone very well. I never felt lost, nor was I left feeling like I was missing the bigger picture because I hadn't yet read the first 2 books.
This story is cleverly told, and well written. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good fantasy read. You can find all three books in the series by clicking the books below. I also highly encourage you to follow the link to the author showcase for an in-depth interview with Lita Burke. It's very interesting! See her Author Showcase here.


  1. Chameleon -- thanks so much for such a lovely review. I'm pleased that you enjoyed Old Bony Blue Eyes. :-)

    1. You're welcome, Lita, it was good fun talking with you! I did indeed enjoy it. Your Author Showcase at was really informative for me as I had no idea what Clockpunk was before reading Old Bony Blue Eyes. I love discovering genres I haven't read yet, and must say, I really liked this one!