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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Authors' Cave Ezine - Halloween Issue

Authors' Cave has published their first Ezine for authors and readers! We're pretty proud of it, and look forward to many future issues loaded with great reading entertainment, author videos and book trailers, FREE and 0.99 books for the month, writing tips and resources, and so much more. Have a look, I think you'll love it!

Don't miss my articles on the most haunted graveyard in the world, and the most haunted town in America!

Download here to read later, if you'd like. Please G+ and share this great content with your friends. Thanks!


  1. I visited Grey Friar's in 2005 and still remember the experience. I went on a late night tour. We were taken to the highlight of the tour which are a number of roofless cells beyond large gates. We were bundled into one of the cells, and in that moment I was aware of the limitless dark, the cold and the sense of something 'other.' A few people couldn't remain for more than a minute inside this cell. I imagined the prisoners who'd been kept there, exposed to the elements, and who had died in terrible conditions. It was unsettling and at the same time sad. I'm glad Grey Friar's was chosen to be featured in the e-zine. I would love to visit some of the locations mentioned, the Bird Cage Theatre sounds intriguing.

    1. Gemma, I went to Tombstone 2 years ago. You most certainly get a sense of being watched there. It was a cold, windy day, so I could only wonder what all we might have heard if not for the moaning whispers of the wind.

      I went to England, Scotland, and Wales 14 years ago. I only wish I'd have known of Greyfriars Kirkyard back then. Hopefully, I'll get to return to Scotland before long. This will be a priority stop for me!