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Thursday, March 26, 2015

An Untapped Market for Authors

Audio books are hot sellers for many genres, and I was surprised to learn how few authors were aware of this market, or who had been hesitant to try it. When our Facebook group administrator reported the recent sales for her audio books, many in the group were eager to hear more about it. makes this a fairly easy process, in fact, your hardest decision will be which voice actor sounds best reading your book out loud.
Amazon gets 60% of the retail price, and you'll get the highest amount of actors competing for your job if you offer a 50-50 split of the remaining 40%, but that still leaves you with significantly more than the percentage you get from the sale of a book. There is no category for horror books, as of this writing, but there probably will be in the future. Some genres are probably easier to get actors for than others, but I have yet to hear of anyone that didn't get at least 2 readings offered to them.
If this was something you thought about in the past but hesitated, you really should reconsider it!

An actor may reject your book if it is not edited properly. If you have unnecessary commas, typos, dropped words, and bad grammar, your book will not get an offer. You should make sure your book is nice and clean prior to submitting to

Although horror is not listed as a genre, if your book could just as easily be placed in suspense, you should give it a go. If it is more ghostly, or hack and slash...maybe not.

It costs you nothing to try, no out of pocket money. The actor gets paid when you do. This makes it a pretty attractive product, and the ability to post an audio excerpt of you book to tempt potential buyers makes this an incredible marketing tool!

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