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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Information Overload

If you've just published your first ebook, you have probably already begun to look around for the best places to market it. Tread cautiously, or you will find yourself running in circles day, after day. Hopefully, I can save you from some of that.

I published my first ebook in late July, and then, without the slightest clue as to what to do next, I joined Facebook and began bombing the airwaves with news of my book to any group that would accept me. Bad idea, but who knew? Certainly not me. The glorious day finally came that I joined the right group: Book Review Depot. Finally, I knew I had found a place to call my own.

Despite getting a few reviews from other people, I still felt they weren't really being honest. It really wasn't until I joined Book Review Depot that I finally got the criticism I knew my book deserved. What you need as a first time author more than anything are honest reviews, Book Review Depot provided that. But it has also been a gold mine of information. I've learned a lot without ever having to go to 100 other pages, and the members are really good people.
Do make ample use of Twitter and Google+. If you don't know how to use them, please read up on it, or you'll find yourself sitting there like I did, staring at an "empty room" feeling very much like you're talking to yourself. Basically, follow everyone in Book Review Depot, and anyone else you may know, and from just those few connections you'll quickly start getting notices that "so and so is now Following you". Don't panic and start casting nervous glances over your shoulder- it's a good thing! If you aren't already following them, hit that follow button next to their name :)

Join communities on Google+. Be respectful and engaging, and you'll soon find yourself in numerous circles with interesting interactions.

If you don't have a website, you should. I use GoDaddyThey make it so easy to set up really nice sites for very little money. There are many free website you can set up, as well, and if you prefer free over 14.00 a year, that's fine. My website is  if you'd like to see just some of what you can do at GoDaddy. You may also want to consider doing a blog, but this takes dedication at least once a week, and coming up with new content that's engaging and informative isn't always easy.

Last, but not least, most newspapers are happy to run a story on local authors, especially if it's your first book. Talk to the editor at your local paper and see if that's something they'd do for you. Get some business cards and leave them everywhere, and with everyone. When my husband and I go to restaurants, I unabashedly leave one on clean tables we pass. I also know an author that leaves them in genre specific books in bookstores.
Alright, I'm on the verge of giving you my own information overload so I'll close by giving you one more incredible page to comb through that could well help you immensely:  He is also on twitter @NatRusso. Wow. That's all I can say :) Good stuff.
With just the little bit of information I've been able to give you here, you will already be on your way to good exposure for your book, and even more doors will begin opening- go through bravely :)

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