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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Author Showcase: Ginger Gelsheimer and Christina Keats

    Quest of the Hybrid by Ginger Gelsheimer and Christina Keats is the first book in the Aurora Conspiracy Trilogy. Nineteen-year-old Jesse and her older brother James are living on their family farm in Aurora, Texas. Haunted by the disappearance of her mother years ago into the windmill that stands on the property, the very windmill where an alien spaceship crashed in the late 1800s, Jesse is determined to find her mother. Even though she has her mother's journal, she's not sure where to start until she finds what appears to be a crystal key among the things left behind by her mother. Enlisting the help of Marcus, the pilot of a crop duster plane, and a good friend of her and her brother, they end up flying into a portal to another dimension, leaving James behind, completely baffled. From here the story sweeps you away into the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, the Pyramids, and an unknown mysterious planet. From alien spaceships to the aliens themselves, Jesse is surprised and amazed at every turn, but this spunky adept young woman has an even bigger surprise ahead of her, one not even she could have imagined.
    Quest of the Hybrid is a wild and entertaining read. Already aware of the spaceship crash that was reported to have happened in Aurora, Texas in 1897, I was eager to see how these authors wove fact with fiction in this story. I think they did a great job! The characters are believable, and the descriptive text was kept to a minimum in places it needed to be, yet the back story was given when necessary. As I read, I had no problem envisioning the sweeping scenes laid out by the authors, as well as some of the technology Jesse encountered. I would definitely recommend this book to young and old alike, and I look forward to reading the next book in this trilogy. Reviewed by Chameleon (B.G.) for Reader's Favorite

Q. Ginger and Christina, thanks for joining me here! The way the two of you came together as a writing team amazes me. It made me feel like you two were destined to be a writing team. Can you tell the readers about it?

Ginger - Christina and I were young college grads brought together by a temp agency that stuffed the local telecommunications company, Quest Communications, like sardines with people our age. We became friends right away and have been for almost 20 years. Living on opposite ends of the country, we made an effort to see each other, which wasn’t hard given she’s in Colorado and I’m in Florida - we’re always vacationing. We’ve been through marriage, babies, careers and all tons of other stuff! We’ve shared highs and lows and we’ve always stuck together. We love to shake a room with the fun energy we project.

Christina - I do feel destiny comes into play with things like this. When I came into my wonderful post-grad telecommunications (temporary) career I made many new and great friends and one of them was Ginger. One of the things that has always fueled my friendship with Ginger was our common drive and unstoppable hunger for the bigger things in life. Not bigger and better in a materialistic kind of way, but the fuller life experience we share with only certain people in our lives. No matter the highs and lows we experience at any given time, our beliefs in “going for it” never dies. We’ve been through a pretty good gamut of life events (and then some) and our drive and friendship remains a constant. Our dreams are big and our imaginations are even bigger. Finding this common outlet through writing made complete sense!

Q. That's amazing, but I can't honestly imagine trying to collaborate on a book with someone that lives 1600 miles away, that really takes some serious thought syncing, yet you've proven time and again that it works beautifully for you both. What's the secret?

Ginger - Obviously, technology has made it much easier because we can hold video calls in Google Hangouts. It’s almost like we are in the same room. But also, it takes staying engaged with the project. When you have to read and reread a story hundreds of times, it better be interesting! And even more so because we have a series and trilogy, so we have to make sure we never conflict, or create a box we can’t get out of down the road.

...oh, and then there’s Aurelius-the muse, who is very LOUD! He doesn’t like his story sitting cold for too long, there’s way too much to tell.

Christina -The one thing Ginger and I had going for us on the tele-writing was that we knew each other so well in both work and play. We do see each other more often than it might seem and both of those things were factors whenever we were together. Writing was a natural expression for both of us and that partnership, matched with our shared creative ambitions, was bound to happen. It also helps that we both are extremely in touch with the energies that come our way. When Aurelius came knocking we were quick to respond and build that relationship with him and all that came with it!

Q. Quest of the Hybrid wasn't just a fun fanciful tale for me. Because it was based on a true event and spun off from there, it changed the way I saw it. Tell me what actually got this series going for you both.

Ginger - It was one of our “make sure to stay friends by seeing each other frequently” visits when we accidentally came up with the Aurora Conspiracy project. We had no idea it would lead to something we will probably work on for a decade. It’s amazing what happens when you add a little vino to the moment. One minute we’re watching Ancient Aliens about a spaceship crash in Aurora, Texas in 1897 with so many unexplained bits of evidence, how could it not have happened? And then what if he lived? ...and the next minute, Aurelius was born. Now he rents space in our heads and is “high-maintenance” demanding that his story gets out.

Christina - A typical and regular visit in Colorado with my good friend, some good wine and good chatter left us yearning for more...a norm for us. As we settled into the alien TV shows that have always peaked our interest and it was as if a direct message flew in and plopped right down beside us. The sunny and relaxing evening turned into a high-energy night with high-speed momentum. A no less than perfect scenario for the two of us. We thought, why do we, as people, simply accept the truths fed to us on a daily basis without even a small inkling to seek out the real truth? Truth may be in the eye of the beholder, yes, but it also has a chance to make sense. Our novel(s) is that truth and holds the story that comes with it. As you follow history, this is what happened. Are people open to see that?

Q. I would bet there are more than enough that are. I've heard more than a few people say that they thought this storyline would make a great T.V. series, or movie. That would be an exciting direction to take your creations, I would think.

Ginger - We have had initial interest, in fact, we originally started with a screenplay and were asked to convert the script into a novel trilogy. Write the book to build support for the movie. Write the series to build support for the book. We’ve spent so much time with Jesse, Aurelius, Emily and Syrius that these characters have truly come to life for us...and they always step in s*@t! We have to know what they are doing next.

Christina - Well, the carefully-stated interest can be exciting to think about although what it really does for us personally is continually take us back to that first thought of it all and when Aurelius sought us out. It reminds us that this story is actually something. Getting to know these characters as they continually unfold has built a new world around us and we are in contact with it on a daily basis. Sure, it give us a feel good that they have a future with possibilities but where that takes us (to a bookshelf or beyond) is yet to be seen. For now, our loyalties lie with the story itself.

Q. Yes, first things first, for sure, but do you already have the manuscript written, or just the layout?

Ginger - We have the old version written, which means we have to pretty much start over.

Christina - The screenplay was the initial focus. We did complete round one on that and it did generate interest, however, now the request of books has taken us beyond that first expression of the story. We will be revisiting that part of the project as it comes back around, which in the big picture, may not be that far off.

Q. While you're waiting for that possibility, what is it that you're working on now?

Ginger - We are working on Book 2 of the Aurora Conspiracy trilogy and episodes 5 & 6 for the prequel series. I am also about to release episode 4 of The Dark Days series that I write with my daughter, Taylor. I’m also excited to be working on a script for an independent film that has to do with karma...that’s all I’m sayin’!

Christina - Two more books on Aurora and the remaining episodes are sitting right here but there is more outside of that. I do have some other projects that will be getting more attention over time for sure. One involves the younger readers of today and how they can be even more involved in the world of writing, reading and sharing. I have a big interest in this. On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve got a very in-depth story unfolding as we speak where tragedy may just meet up with humor when all is said and done. One thing is for sure...the engines are running and I can say with full confidence that there are crazy stories just waiting to come out...for both of us!

Q. Wow, sounds like you both have enough projects to last you a lifetime! If this series ever is wrapped up, what projects do you have in mind for the future?

Ginger - I don’t think this series is going to be wrapped up for awhile. We have both a future and a past to tell.

Christina - You know, this project is bigger than ‘a book’ and is our primary focus in the immediate future. Having said that though, there is always more going on in the wings and I can’t see either one of us putting an end to forward movement on any of our writing, anytime soon. Aside from this project, we both have many good stories to tell whether individually and together, the team holds strong and you just never know!

Chameleon: Any parting comments you'd like to leave my readers with?

Ginger - I would like to thank all of you for supporting the writers that you read. All of us start out the same-a shining thought or idea that just chips away and demands to be written down, remembered and shared. We never know if someone else will care to enjoy our story, but we have to at least create that opportunity.

Christina - Well, it’s funny that with this project we’ve said “join the journey” because it pertains to our story. But it really kind of sums it up for me all around. Expression (through writing) is a journey in itself. It think it’s pure awesomeness to share this journey with other writers. There is a great energy in that. We all have our stories and tales and through the work we do and in good times and bad, the support helps keep us going. As a parting comment, I’d say keep it together and stay together. We can all help each other so that we don’t fall off during any hard times because to have such strong feelings about a story, it only feels right to give it a real chance to be told. It truly is an amazing journey.

Thank you both for an amazing interview, and great encouragement. I wish you both the greatest success!



  1. This was a wonderful interview of two interesting and very talented young lady authors! Thanks for sharing, Chameleon... ;o)

    1. Glad you liked it! They do have an amazing story all of their own to tell :D

    2. Awww Lex, thanks! Big hugs coming to Germany!

  2. This was a unique book; I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it. Sci-fi but with a depth of humanity, not entirely restricted to the humans.

    Nice to learn more about the authors.

    1. C.B., the power of the Indie minds shines through once again. The advent of Indie publishing has been like unleashing the Nile. Imaginations have been set free from the confines of traditional publishing. The authors behind such innovative ideas often have equally fascinating stories of their own lives to tell. Thank you all for giving me the chance to share them with the world!